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My Black Spot

Last summer, I was drawn to a black spot painted on the side of an old structure at 17th & Yesler in Seattle’s Central District. I took a pic and made it my cellphone wallpaper until I got rid of the thing. The year prior, I did a series entitled “Shadow People” that consisted of single black spots painted on found wooden drawers. Apparently, I identify with lonely black spots. Anyway, when curating Occupy The Walls, I heard about a street artist going by the name of Drinkwater, and one day, I spotted a man carrying a ladder and a bucket of paint away from the corner of 17th & Yesler and I had a feeling it was him. Lo and behold, the black spot had been covered up with a vibrant mural! Drinkwater, for sure. It was like an alchemical process had occurred and I was tied to it. Though my black spot is covered up, it remains underneath…lurking like my black heart.

~ Patrick

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