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Zombie Hotline

It’s Easter and in honor of our favorite zombie, Jesus H. Christ, here’s some music I recorded awhile back as Almost Certain Death called “Zombie Hotline.” Enjoy the static and remember, aim for the head.


My Black Spot

Last summer, I was drawn to a black spot painted on the side of an old structure at 17th & Yesler in Seattle’s Central District. I took a pic and made it my cellphone wallpaper until I got rid of the thing. The year prior, I did a series entitled “Shadow People” that consisted of single black spots painted on found wooden drawers. Apparently, I identify with lonely black spots. Anyway, when curating Occupy The Walls, I heard about a street artist going by the name of Drinkwater, and one day, I spotted a man carrying a ladder and a bucket of paint away from the corner of 17th & Yesler and I had a feeling it was him. Lo and behold, the black spot had been covered up with a vibrant mural! Drinkwater, for sure. It was like an alchemical process had occurred and I was tied to it. Though my black spot is covered up, it remains underneath…lurking like my black heart.

~ Patrick

Bicycle Wheel Tattoo

One of my favorite places to go when I was growing up was the Salem Public Library. I spent hours lost in the stacks. Invariably, I always ended up in the art section and the artist I was drawn to the most was Marcel Duchamp. Fast forward to my 44th birthday and I’m getting my first tattoo. I wanted something related to the artist that left a deep impression on me. I originally considered Fountain but a urinal on my forearm? Not quite right. Bicycle Wheel” was a much better choice and Lisa Orth at Alleged Tattoo did an amazing job. I doubt Marcel would have thought much of me getting one of his readymades tattooed on my arm but fuck, it’s cool.

~ Patrick

13 Drawings On 100 Year Old Paper That I Forgot About

~ Patrick

Your Hate Mail

In my original post on this subject, I asked you to send me examples of your own creative responses to companies that constantly barrage us all with credit card offers. Here are some choice selections of what I received.

Tim King of Salem, Oregon~

Tiffany Young of Seattle, WA~

Pete Keller of Seattle, WA~

Hopefully they will inspire more of you to artful action. ~Patrick


We discovered Tim Manthey’s startling collages at a group show that Patrick participated in, entitled “
Contemplations on the Dialectal Utopian Future.”  His mysterious psychedelic visions have haunted us ever since and now we present his work to you! At Gainsbourg from December 3rd through January 6th; the opening reception coincides with Greenwood Art Walk on December 9th from 6pm-9pm.

Take a trip with Tim at his website, Cloud Nectar.

Hate Mail

Inspired by Keep Wall Street Occupied, this is a collection of drawings and messages I’ve sent to companies that send me credit card offers.

We at Reactionary Absurdist Party headquarters would love to see what you are sending back to companies on their dime. Email photographs of your efforts and we just might post them on the blog to inspire others.


Burning Fears

Documentation of the completion of the “Bottled Fears” project. Released the collected fears with fire.

~ Patrick

Your Fears

In October 2011, I had a show entitled “Bottled Fears.” There were 13 bottles that I glued onto tiny burnt shelves and mounted along a wall. Inside each bottle was a typewritten fear of mine and water. Twine connected all 13 bottles together along with a large jar entitled “Your Fears”. I asked that visitors write down their fears with paper and pencil and place them inside the jar. I promised to burn them after I took the show down as a way of releasing them. Before I set fire to them, I scanned all the fears and made a slideshow that you can view here.

~ Patrick

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