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People! Listen up! We have to put aside old projects in order to focus on new projects and that means this is our last curated show at Gainsbourg. And it is incredible. I’ve been a fan of Ryan Worsley’s work since…oh hell if I remember. A long time ago. Anyway, I approached her about doing a show of glass paintings and then we got talking about her collaboration with Laura Dean that I saw in City Arts Magazine, Flock of Disproven Theories Written As Facts. So feminist. So yes. So she invited her to collaborate again for this installation. Are you ready for it? Right-Winged Seabirds.

Classically defined “seabirds” spend the majority of their lives at sea only returning to land to breed. They live longer, breed later and expend more resources nurturing fewer young than other birds. When exposed to even small amounts of oil they lose their buoyancy, their ability to regulate body temperature and often their ability to fly. They are thereby forced to return to shore early in an attempt to survive.

We want people to extrapolate their own conclusions based on the parallel we’re presenting. Our take is that current right-wing policy diminishes women’s freedom to explore, learn, cultivate resources and make choices regarding their role in society, especially regarding their approach and investment in child rearing. Oil spills are representative of the anti-sex education, anti-choice, and anti-birth control stance many right-wing pundits have been aggressively perpetuating in the media. While returning to shore is synonymous with mating and bearing children.

Did I say yes? Because I meant HELL YES. You have until May 6th to see it at Gainsourg. Live without regrets. Go!



We made a last minute contribution to Damebuilder’s No Campbell’s Soup group show at Fred Wildlife Refuge. Food and feminism! Central to our lives. In animal agriculture, it’s the female bodied animals who suffer the most. In the dairy industry, females are put on “rape racks” (industry term) and impregnated in order to produce milk for human consumption. Their male babies are either sold for veal and calfskin or are slaughtered within a few days of birth. Their separation is as traumatic as you would imagine for a human mother and child, and the females go through this again and again as they’re kept perpetually pregnant until they’re “worthless.” Hens are exploited for their reproductive systems as well. In the egg industry, male chicks are thrown into a heap and suffocated or ground alive for “feed.” Females are debeaked then, on most farms, literally stuffed together into small cages with no sunlight or fresh air and starved from food or water for up to two weeks at a time in order to stimulate egg production. This may happen several times before they’re “spent” and sent to slaughter. Gross.

This piece is titled “Period”. We traded a vegan cookie for the egg, which came from a duck who was rescued by Tiffany Young, a board member of Northwest Animal Rights Network. Even backyard eggs involve suffering and death but this beautiful creature is not kept for her egg production…in fact, her eggs are usually fed back to her! As they should be.


If you missed our show Occupy The Walls, check it here in our virtual gallery featuring works by Neil Vandervloed, Jennifer Zwick, Julie Fisco, Eric Carson, PETE, and ourselves. We’re so high tech.

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Now Showing

Whilst imbibing fine cocktails at The Living Room we couldn’t help but notice Marc Tweed‘s art on the walls. A world populated by beings with long lizard tongues and blood red eyes that we believe are either mind-controlled by an unseen force to do its dark bidding or emitting malevolent thought waves to be avoided at all costs. Sea monsters, crazed hybrid creatures baring teeth and alien presences inhabit this chaotic realm. Definitely some kind of trouble going on here. We love trouble. We hung these works of art at Gainsbourg and you have from March 4th until April 6th to see them with your own eyes.


Creating art is a revolutionary act. Art can open eyes, unite people, challenge authority, comment on the past, change the present, and shape the future. You can unlearn but you cannot unsee. 

And now Reactionary Absurdist Party presents Occupy the Walls! A group show featuring works by Neil Vandervloed, Jennifer Zwick, Julie Fisco, Eric Carson, PETE, and yours truly hanging at Gainsbourg for the month of February. Fuck you, oligarchy.

Hang with us during the Greenwood Art Walk, Friday, February 10th from 6 ‘til 9pm. Absinthe appreciated.


Q. How does your childhood influence your work?
A. I grew up near a huge Department of Transportation dumping ground/storage facility we called “The Sandpits.” After hours, my brothers and I would trespass, build camps, race our bikes, and make all sorts of fun utilizing what wasn’t made for fun. This taught me to imagine unseen potentials in the world around me, recontextualize, and most importantly: intentionally misuse materials for “play.” I regain that sense, with an adult perspective, when creating collage art.  Also, the seventies and eighties manufactured a weird self-contained cultural bubble of styles and motifs that I am constantly drawn back to, with scissors in hand.

Q. If you were suddenly face to face with Salvador Dali, what would you say?
A. Saint Salvador! Speak to me about shadows, gravity, holy sacraments, the golden desert. What shape first appeared in your mind before painting “The Ascension of Christ”? Infinity can grow in both directions, can’t it? Or does it melt? Would you like to come over for tea and biscuits?

Q. Do your collages speak to you? What do they say?
A. The BEST things they speak of have to do with the hidden connections in all things. They teach me to communicate disturbing beauty and new ways to laugh. Letting me peek at deeper parts of my own brain (or perhaps the collective subconscious?). Sometimes they just say, “Why aren’t you in bed? It’s 2 a.m. We will be here in the morning for you to work on, we promise.”

Tim Manthey’s work hangs at Gainsbourg until January 6th. See it in cyberspace at Cloud Nectar.

3 Questions with Tracy Cilona

Q. If you could have dinner with any artist from the past, present or future, whom would it be?
A. Ana Mendieta so she could tell me if Carl Andre killed her.

Q. Given the opportunity, would you have shot Andy Warhol?
A. No, I’d have too much catholic guilt but He kinda deserved it.

Q. What is the future of DameBuilder? Do you play a role in the 2012 end of the world scenario?
A. The future is unwritten until our intern gets her shit together and tells us what we are doing, but yes. 2012 will be less curating, more project making. Who cares about grant writing since this is clearly the end times. We just wanna F*%$ shit up.

Tracy Cilona is co-curator of DameBuilder, feminists fucking shit up since 2010. Be in the know! Bookmark their blog.


Someone took a photograph of me at SlutWalk Seattle holding up a sign that read, “don’t tell women what not to wear, tell men not to rape” and turned it into street art.

Totally fucking rad, right? It gets bigger. The fine folks at Because We Must altered the message to be more inclusive and put it on a fair trade tee shirt. Proceeds from the sales go to SARC, Portland’s nonprofit sexual assault resource center which provides community education, free mental health services, and 24 hour crisis intervention and support. You know you want one.

Do something today to inspire political art.
Send photos to


At Gainsbourg through December 2nd. Works by DameBuilder! The creative collaboration between thee amazing Tracy Cilona and Crystal Fosnaugh. This retrospective of their last year features photographs, paintings, collages, and sculptures the two have produced, each expressing a perspective informed by feminism, sexuality, gender, race, and class.

These women inspire the hell out of us. Pay attention!



Illustrate your voice!

In response to and in support of the Occupy protests throughout our country…
For the 99% of Americans who are not greedily hoarding away our nation’s dollars…
On behalf of the vast majority of the public who are dissatisfied with injustices
in America’s elite-loving ‘judiciary’ system…

Let us, Artists, react!

Submit any 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional Artwork created to raise a voice for the
Occupy Seattle protests and for the 99%. All art must be ready to hang.
Larger pieces will be hung from heavy-duty wire cables;
smaller pieces will be hung from nails.

We are also seeking short performance art (approx. 5-10 min.) that follows this
same theme. If you are interested in performing during this event, please email a description of
what you intend to do and video clips of past performances (if applicable).

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Midnight, Friday, January 13th
ART WILL HANG APPROX: February 10th – March 8th
OPENING RECEPTION EVENT: Friday, February 10th, 2012


The Gainsbourg lounge, a strong participant in the Greenwood Art Walk,
has just recruited a new team of curators, The Reactionary Absurdist Party,
to create and execute art events for the area’s Second Friday Art Walks,
which happen from 6pm-9pm, followed by djs, performances
or art video screenings at 10pm.

Contact us!
Gainsbourg is located at 8550 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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