We made a last minute contribution to Damebuilder’s No Campbell’s Soup group show at Fred Wildlife Refuge. Food and feminism! Central to our lives. In animal agriculture, it’s the female bodied animals who suffer the most. In the dairy industry, females are put on “rape racks” (industry term) and impregnated in order to produce milk for human consumption. Their male babies are either sold for veal and calfskin or are slaughtered within a few days of birth. Their separation is as traumatic as you would imagine for a human mother and child, and the females go through this again and again as they’re kept perpetually pregnant until they’re “worthless.” Hens are exploited for their reproductive systems as well. In the egg industry, male chicks are thrown into a heap and suffocated or ground alive for “feed.” Females are debeaked then, on most farms, literally stuffed together into small cages with no sunlight or fresh air and starved from food or water for up to two weeks at a time in order to stimulate egg production. This may happen several times before they’re “spent” and sent to slaughter. Gross.

This piece is titled “Period”. We traded a vegan cookie for the egg, which came from a duck who was rescued by Tiffany Young, a board member of Northwest Animal Rights Network. Even backyard eggs involve suffering and death but this beautiful creature is not kept for her egg production…in fact, her eggs are usually fed back to her! As they should be.

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