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If you missed our show Occupy The Walls, check it here in our virtual gallery featuring works by Neil Vandervloed, Jennifer Zwick, Julie Fisco, Eric Carson, PETE, and ourselves. We’re so high tech.

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Now Showing

Whilst imbibing fine cocktails at The Living Room we couldn’t help but notice Marc Tweed‘s art on the walls. A world populated by beings with long lizard tongues and blood red eyes that we believe are either mind-controlled by an unseen force to do its dark bidding or emitting malevolent thought waves to be avoided at all costs. Sea monsters, crazed hybrid creatures baring teeth and alien presences inhabit this chaotic realm. Definitely some kind of trouble going on here. We love trouble. We hung these works of art at Gainsbourg and you have from March 4th until April 6th to see them with your own eyes.

My Black Spot

Last summer, I was drawn to a black spot painted on the side of an old structure at 17th & Yesler in Seattle’s Central District. I took a pic and made it my cellphone wallpaper until I got rid of the thing. The year prior, I did a series entitled “Shadow People” that consisted of single black spots painted on found wooden drawers. Apparently, I identify with lonely black spots. Anyway, when curating Occupy The Walls, I heard about a street artist going by the name of Drinkwater, and one day, I spotted a man carrying a ladder and a bucket of paint away from the corner of 17th & Yesler and I had a feeling it was him. Lo and behold, the black spot had been covered up with a vibrant mural! Drinkwater, for sure. It was like an alchemical process had occurred and I was tied to it. Though my black spot is covered up, it remains underneath…lurking like my black heart.

~ Patrick

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