Creating art is a revolutionary act. Art can open eyes, unite people, challenge authority, comment on the past, change the present, and shape the future. You can unlearn but you cannot unsee. 

And now Reactionary Absurdist Party presents Occupy the Walls! A group show featuring works by Neil Vandervloed, Jennifer Zwick, Julie Fisco, Eric Carson, PETE, and yours truly hanging at Gainsbourg for the month of February. Fuck you, oligarchy.

Hang with us during the Greenwood Art Walk, Friday, February 10th from 6 ‘til 9pm. Absinthe appreciated.


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  1. […] on found wooden drawers. Apparently, I identify with lonely black spots. Anyway, when curating Occupy The Walls, I heard about a street artist going by the name of Drinkwater, and one day, I spotted a man […]

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