3 Questions with Tracy Cilona

Q. If you could have dinner with any artist from the past, present or future, whom would it be?
A. Ana Mendieta so she could tell me if Carl Andre killed her.

Q. Given the opportunity, would you have shot Andy Warhol?
A. No, I’d have too much catholic guilt but He kinda deserved it.

Q. What is the future of DameBuilder? Do you play a role in the 2012 end of the world scenario?
A. The future is unwritten until our intern gets her shit together and tells us what we are doing, but yes. 2012 will be less curating, more project making. Who cares about grant writing since this is clearly the end times. We just wanna F*%$ shit up.

Tracy Cilona is co-curator of DameBuilder, feminists fucking shit up since 2010. Be in the know! Bookmark their blog.

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