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We discovered Tim Manthey’s startling collages at a group show that Patrick participated in, entitled “
Contemplations on the Dialectal Utopian Future.”  His mysterious psychedelic visions have haunted us ever since and now we present his work to you! At Gainsbourg from December 3rd through January 6th; the opening reception coincides with Greenwood Art Walk on December 9th from 6pm-9pm.

Take a trip with Tim at his website, Cloud Nectar.



Someone took a photograph of me at SlutWalk Seattle holding up a sign that read, “don’t tell women what not to wear, tell men not to rape” and turned it into street art.

Totally fucking rad, right? It gets bigger. The fine folks at Because We Must altered the message to be more inclusive and put it on a fair trade tee shirt. Proceeds from the sales go to SARC, Portland’s nonprofit sexual assault resource center which provides community education, free mental health services, and 24 hour crisis intervention and support. You know you want one.

Do something today to inspire political art.
Send photos to

Hate Mail

Inspired by Keep Wall Street Occupied, this is a collection of drawings and messages I’ve sent to companies that send me credit card offers.

We at Reactionary Absurdist Party headquarters would love to see what you are sending back to companies on their dime. Email photographs of your efforts and we just might post them on the blog to inspire others.


Burning Fears

Documentation of the completion of the “Bottled Fears” project. Released the collected fears with fire.

~ Patrick


At Gainsbourg through December 2nd. Works by DameBuilder! The creative collaboration between thee amazing Tracy Cilona and Crystal Fosnaugh. This retrospective of their last year features photographs, paintings, collages, and sculptures the two have produced, each expressing a perspective informed by feminism, sexuality, gender, race, and class.

These women inspire the hell out of us. Pay attention!



Illustrate your voice!

In response to and in support of the Occupy protests throughout our country…
For the 99% of Americans who are not greedily hoarding away our nation’s dollars…
On behalf of the vast majority of the public who are dissatisfied with injustices
in America’s elite-loving ‘judiciary’ system…

Let us, Artists, react!

Submit any 2-Dimensional or 3-Dimensional Artwork created to raise a voice for the
Occupy Seattle protests and for the 99%. All art must be ready to hang.
Larger pieces will be hung from heavy-duty wire cables;
smaller pieces will be hung from nails.

We are also seeking short performance art (approx. 5-10 min.) that follows this
same theme. If you are interested in performing during this event, please email a description of
what you intend to do and video clips of past performances (if applicable).

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Midnight, Friday, January 13th
ART WILL HANG APPROX: February 10th – March 8th
OPENING RECEPTION EVENT: Friday, February 10th, 2012


The Gainsbourg lounge, a strong participant in the Greenwood Art Walk,
has just recruited a new team of curators, The Reactionary Absurdist Party,
to create and execute art events for the area’s Second Friday Art Walks,
which happen from 6pm-9pm, followed by djs, performances
or art video screenings at 10pm.

Contact us!
Gainsbourg is located at 8550 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Your Fears

In October 2011, I had a show entitled “Bottled Fears.” There were 13 bottles that I glued onto tiny burnt shelves and mounted along a wall. Inside each bottle was a typewritten fear of mine and water. Twine connected all 13 bottles together along with a large jar entitled “Your Fears”. I asked that visitors write down their fears with paper and pencil and place them inside the jar. I promised to burn them after I took the show down as a way of releasing them. Before I set fire to them, I scanned all the fears and made a slideshow that you can view here.

~ Patrick

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